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The Washington University in St. Louis Neuroscience Pipeline program prepares undergraduates from diverse backgrounds for neuroscience PhD programs. They combine outstanding research training, a rigorous neuroscience curriculum and an empowering support system that allows participants to thrive on their path to graduate school and beyond. With support from the NIH Blueprint ENDURE Program and Washington University, accepted students are funded for up to two summers and trips to the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting. Overall, the Pipeline program embeds students in a network of neuroscientists and enhances the success and persistence of trainees towards our goal of increasing diversity in neuroscience.

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The Washington University Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (BioSURF) introduces WashU undergraduate students to research in the life-sciences under the guidance of WashU faculty mentors. BioSURF is modeled on the grant-seeking process, and students gain a sophisticated and practical knowledge of the research enterprise as they enter the research environment and network within the community of scientists. Students experience the process of research as a creative intellectual activity and gain a more realistic view of the opportunities and demands of a professional research career.

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