Synapses Journal Club


Synaptic function and malleability are fundamental to nervous system function and disease. This is an advanced seminar in the development, structure, and function of the synapse in health and disease. It is a natural extension of topics covered in Bio 5571. It may be primarily of interest to students in the Neurosciences Program, but also to students in MCB, Development, Biochemistry, Computational Biology, and Molecular Biophysics. Generally a topic for the semester helps focus the group; past topics have included Synapses and Disease, Neurotransmitter Transporters, Glutamate Receptors, Dendrites, GABA receptors. Participants (students, postdocs, and faculty) alternate responsibility for leading critical discussion of a current paper. Active participation offers the opportunity for students to hone their critical thinking and presentation skills. Students enrolling for credit will be expected to attend each week, to lead discussion once per semester and to provide written critiques (1-2 pages each) of two papers. Prerequisites, Graduate standing in DBBS; Bio 5571 preferred.
Course Attributes: