uSTAR Seminar


This seminar course is designed for students in or associated with the MARC U-STAR Program at Washington University ( This is a full year course. Students typically take the seminar their junior and senior year. This course seeks to train students to think critically and to write and speak effectively about science by providing a forum for them to present their research and related work. In addition to student presentations, the seminar features PhD and MD/PhD student panels on the admissions process of these programs as well as on what to expect and how to succeed in them. At least once per semester, the seminar hosts a panel to discuss topics related to race in science and the pressures under-represented students can face when transitioning from college to PhD and MD-PhD programs. Classes often touch on ethical issues researchers face during the course of their research, including manuscript and grant review, mentor-mentee relationships, how to ensure data reproducibility, and related topics. Pre-requisite for SP2020: Students must have taken the fall semester section of the course.
Course Attributes: