Ram Dixit promoted to professor of biology

Ram Dixit joined the biology department in 2008. He is also the Associate Director of Education for the Center for Engineering MechanoBiology (CEMB). The Dixit lab seeks to understand the mechanisms underlying plant cell morphogenesis. The work focuses on the cortical microtubule cytoskeleton, which defines plant cell shape by serving as a scaffold for cell wall assembly.

“I have truly enjoyed being part of the Biology Department because I find it to be a collegial and supportive environment. I have benefitted from excellent colleagues who have gladly mentored and supported me over the years. This has greatly facilitated my research, teaching and outreach activities. For example, professors and their labs have gladly shared their expertise and equipment with us. Similarly, feedback from other professors and extensive help from teaching support staff has enabled me to improve my courses.

My collaborations with faculty in the Biology Department and in other departments including in the Engineering and Medical Schools, has allowed me to pursue exciting new research questions which has expanded our research portfolio. I also greatly appreciate the Department’s support of the interdisciplinary Cellular Transformations course which combined architecture, design and biology to address real-world problems.

Being a professor means that I am free to pursue ideas that are interesting to me and impart the excitement of biology and discovery to students. I love the back and forth between research and teaching. I was interested in science even as a kid but did not think about pursuing academia until college when I engaged in undergraduate research and really enjoyed it.”

To learn more about the Dixit Lab’s research, visit https://sites.wustl.edu/dixitlab/.