Zachary Gannam

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Lab Affiliation: Richard Vierstra

I am a structural biologist studying the phytochrome family of proteins, which transition from an inactive dark-adapted state to an active state upon stimulation with red light. As these proteins regulate a wide array of processes in plants and certain prokaryotes, an exquisite understanding of this transition has the potential to be exceedingly valuable for the fields of agriculture, optogenetics, medicine, and many others. I am studying there proteins using a variety of structural biology, biochemical, and biophysical techniques including X-ray crystallography, X-ray free-electron laser diffraction, cryoEM, mass spectrometry, visible spectroscopy, and more.

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  • Washington University
  • CB 1137
  • One Brookings Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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